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More Plays & More Fun: 5 Classes of Odin Quest

Jul 19, 2012 8:53:43 PM

     The 3 brothers Odin, Vili and Ve, allied with Aesir, killed Ymir and evicted Giants to the edge of the world. Giants established the kingdom of “Jothuheim” at north. just when everyone believed the war was over with the victory of gods, Frost Giant still wouldn’t forget the shame and kept attacking Aesir.
     Youjoy ( is a newly established browser game platform of Dragonsmeet (owner of Yoogames). Like Yoogames, Youjoy aims to provide high-quality, free and fun browser games to players around the world. Odin Quest is a browser-based online ARPG game published by Youjoy with its story based on Nordic Myth.



Players can select their character among 5 featured classes: Warrior, Mage, Priest, Hunter and Assassin. Various classes will give players multiple choices and experiences, and of course, more fun to have additional strategic features when they set up a team.

Warrior: They believe their strong bodies are the best weapon and armor. Their ultimate strength can defeat anyone easily.
Features: High close-range physical attack, high stamina.
Weapon: Heavy Sword



Mage: Their bodies are not as strong as worriors; however, their magic power that summons various natural elements can hit enemies from distance.
Features: High long-range magic attack, low defence.
Weapon: Staff



Priest: Their power comes from their belief in gods. They are too kind to get their weapon stained by blood. Their outstanding healing and supporting ability makes them the best teammates.
Features: Long-range, supporting, low defence.
Weapon: Harp



Hunter: They aren't the best neither in attacking nor supporting. But their high-crit shots from distance can never be under estimated.
Features: Long-range, multi-target attack, low defence
Weapon: Rifle



Assassin: Agility is their nature. Fast and silent, they always kill enemies with one crit strike.
Features: Close-range, high crit, medium defence.
Weapon: Dagger



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