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Dear ..., Welcome Back! You are recharging for your account on youjoy.com

Notice: To make your recharge to any of the games at YouJoy, you need to purchase YouJoy UCoins. Please select your payment method and amount first.

Please click convert for UCoins exchange according to your game and server.

Server:         Character Name:  
Conversion amount:
   50 UCoins = 100 GoldLeaf  
   100 UCoins = 200 GoldLeaf   Rewards = Super Mario(1 Day)*1,Money Pack (S)*1
   200 UCoins = 400 GoldLeaf   Rewards = Inventory Enlarger(1Slot)*1,Escort Scroll*3,Lv4 EHC Stone*2
   300 UCoins = 600 GoldLeaf   Rewards = Escort Scroll*3, Blue Moon Crystal*10, SB Crystal*2, Lv5 Luck   Crystal*1, Divine Soul Crystal*2
   600 UCoins = 1200 GoldLeaf   Rewards = Summon Scroll *1,Blue Moon Crystal*18, SB Crystal*7, Lv6 Luck   Crystal*1, Divine Soul Crystal*4
   900 UCoins = 1800 GoldLeaf   Rewards = Rebirth Cross*8, Summon Scroll *2, Blue Moon Crystal*27, Lv7   Luck Crystal*1, Divine Soul Crystal*6
   2000 UCoins = 4000 GoldLeaf   Rewards = Lv6 Star stone*1, Lv6 EHC stone*2, Purple Moon   Crystal*15,     Moon Seal*10, Lv7 Luck Crystal*1, Divine Soul Crystal*15
   3000 UCoins = 6000 GoldLeaf   Rewards = Lv6 Star stone*2, Lv6 EHC stone*4, Purple Moon   Crystal*25,   Purple book (Frag) *2, Verification*30, Divine Soul Crystal*20
   5000 UCoins = 10000 GoldLeaf   Rewards = Lv6 Star stone*4, Lv6 EHC stone*7, Purple Moon   Crystal*40,   Purple book (Frag) *5, Verification*50, Divine Soul Crystal*40
   10000 UCoins = 20000 GoldLeaf   Rewards = Lv7 Star stone*3, Lv7 EHC stone*1, Golden Luck   Token*5,   Moon Seal*99, Divine Soul Crystal*99, Purple book (Frag) *10
  NOTE: Withdraw over 100 Goldleaf with Ucoins for the first time during the event for [Lv4 Star Stone]*1, [Divine Soul   Crystal]*1, [Lv4 Enhance Stone]*1. Can only be claimed once per day.